Australian Judo Union Inc. Australian Judo Union Inc.
Australian Judo Union Inc. judo for self defence
Judo for Self defence, fun, fitness, friendship and recreational sport
Australian Judo Union Inc. judo for those with disability
Judo for self improvement, confidence, respect for yourself and others

The AJU is a National Body administered by volunteers for volunteers
Australian Judo Union Inc. sport judo
Grass roots judo for all ages, all abilities
Australian Judo Union Inc. judo for juniors
Inclusive Judo for everyone

Affiliated Organisations

The following "Membership Classes" are available to organisations when they apply to become an Affiliated Organisation of the AJU.

  • Probationary Registered Judo School - Joining Fee $130.00

  • All Registered Judo Schools are placed on probationary membership for a minimum period of two years. Registered Judo Schools are entitled to attend all AJU sanctioned events. The primary coach of all AJU Registered Clubs are accredited with the AJU Accreditation Program. All members of a Registered Judo School are required to be registered players of the AJU and are entitled to receive benefits such as travel and judo suit discounts. Annual Membership Renewal Fees can be reduced to as low as $50 per annum upon meeting the compliance requirements of the AJU Accreditation Program.

  • Associated Judo School - Joining Fee $60.00

  • The members of Associated Judo Schools are entitled to apply for Associated Player Membership which shall entitled them to compete and participate at AJU sanctioned competitions. Annual Membership Renewal Fees may be reduced to $10 per annum upon regular attendance and strong participation at AJU events.

    Click here to go to downloadable Application Form To Affiliate a Judo Club or Judo School