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The objective of these rules is ...
  • To practice traditional Kodokan Judo in a safe and controlled environment for players, referees, officials and spectators and to continue to practice displaying traditional Kodokan Judo etiquette.
  • To provide a contest system which will reward the diligent practice and study of Kodokan Judo which will in turn improve a player`s skill and technique and dissuade competitors who may have deficient judo skills against another player to hide their inadequate skills with undesirable and unfair practices.
  • Encourage upright judo with normal traditional lapel sleeve hold and Shizen hontai. (Basic natural posture)
  • To empower referees to prevent injury when the centre mat referee believes that a real and probable risk of a player being injured exists.
  • To enforce standard kumi kata grip throughout the contest and allow a variation of standard kumi kata grip for the duration of an attack.
  • From time to time the AJU will modify rules for children. It has always been the belief of the AJU, that Judo is a recreation & sporting activity that should be enjoyed by the people participating in it, especially children. The AJU will when appropriate circumstances occur will modify age/weight groups & rules to the various age and weight divisions to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment.
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