Australian Judo Union Inc.
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Member Protection Policy

The objectives of the Australian Judo Union Inc. as stated in its constitution the requirement of all members to :-

  • To foster a safe and healthy environment for individual members to practice judo.

  • To encourage good sportsmanship and fair play.

  • To be non-sectarian in carrying out its aims, there shall be no discrimination against any person because of political or religious beliefs, colour, race, sex, disability, financial circumstances, marital status, or sexual orientation.

  • The constitution of the Australian Judo Union Inc. gives the Board direct responsibility for the supervision of membership protection and is empowered to investigate and to take appropriate action to protect the members of the Australian Judo Union Inc.

    The members of the Board take a serious view of member welfare and protection issues and are constantly monitoring its policies and procedures to ensure that the rights of members are protected.

    If a member has a concern they should contact their club instructor about their concern, or alternatively contact our Chief Executive Officer at
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