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Judo Grading Basics

There is no charge made by the Australian Judo Union for a Kyu Grade grading.

Yes, thats right.

No charge.

Our system has been set up so your Club Coach can do a Kyu Grading, submit the attained grades for approval, once approval has been received, the coach can print out the Grading Certificate.

The grade will be automatically upgraded on the players website records which they can view when they login.

The A.J.U wants to make judo affordable for everyone; this is the reason we are not charging for gradings, we do however suggest or recommend that the coach charges the player a nominal fee of around $10 for their time and administration costs.

  • White belt - RoKyu - starting grade

  • Yellow belt - GoKyu - novice student

  • Orange belt - YonKyu - advanced novice

  • Green belt - SanKyu - proficient student grade

  • Blue belt - NiKyu - advanced student grade

  • Brown belt - IkKyu - highest student grade, able to sit for black belt grading after one year in this grade.

  • Black belt - the Yudansha grades from Shodan to GoDan (1st Dan to 5th Dan)

  • Red and White belt - the Master grades from RokuDan to HachiDan (6th Dan to 8th Dan)

  • Red belt - 9th and 10th Dan, KuDan and JuDan are the highest ranks of the master grades and are only awarded to judo masters with very distinguished judo careers.

See our grading policy for a more detailed description of grading requirements.
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