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The AJU as a national sporting organisation has focussed its direction towards encouraging more people to participate in judo. Many of our individual members wish to participate in judo as a leisure activity yet also wish to study it as an art. To attract members with a similar outlook, the AJU has determined that it must contain costs to an affordable minimum and use its collective resources to support its member clubs to grow and retain its members.
The AJU has been constantly streamlining and improving management practices so that significant economic benefits have been gained over time and the AJU management are now in an enviable position to offer our members a significant savings in fees over other sporting organisations.

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3 months time
2015 AJU Annual Championships
The 2015 AJU Annual Championships will be held in Toowoomba Qld. on Saturday, 4th July 2015. The venue will be....
26 days ago
Dan Gradings - Cobar NSW
Congratulations to Jack Sinclair for his promotion to Ni-dan and Kaitlyn Raffaele for her promotion to sho-dan. Both have worked very....
3 months ago
A Big Welcome to Lang Park PCYC
Lang Park PCYC has joined the AJU and we extend a big welcome to Rob and all of his club at Lang Park PCYC. We look forward....
5 months ago
Merry Christmas
As 2014 draws to a close the AJU Executive Committee would like to wish all AJU members a merry Christmas. We....
5 months ago
Good news from Cairns
Cairns Southside Judo Club Inc. has been successful seeking funding assistance from the Queensland State Government's "Get....
6 months ago
Tom Dwyer Promoted to Shodan
Congratulations to Tom Dwyer for his promotion to Shodan yesterday at Cobar. Well done Tom!!....
6 months ago
Helmut Zelno promoted to 3rd dan.
Helmut Zelno promoted to 3rd dan. Congratulations to Helmut Zelno being presented with his 3rd dan certificate over the weekend. Helmut commenced judo in 1953 at school in East Germany. In....
8 months ago
A.J.U President
Congratulations to Terry Riches for being re-elected as the Australian Judo Union President, his term will be for the next 3 years.....